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Hello, thanks for taking the time to visit. In May 2008, I started ethics girl’s blog to give me somewhere to rant and ramble on about stuff that matters to me. It’s working well, although I wish I had the time and inspiration to write more regularly.

As a bit of extra entertainment for readers (if there are any!), here’s some background about me. I was born in Essex, have an ethical outlook on life (hence ‘ethics girl’), and grew up in Cambridgeshire, mostly. We used to keep goats, pigs, chickens, etc, so we produced a lot of our own meat, milk, eggs and veg. At the time, I don’t think I appreciated it much, but now I know that it’s a great way to live – healthy, fun and sustainable.

For me, school was horrible, any enthusiasm I had for learning vapourised in an environment that seemed alien and hostile to me. However, I still seem to have become a perpetual student – I did Ecology and Conservation BSc 1996 to ’99, and Computer Science MSc 2001 to ’03 (both in Cambridge). Then a Diploma in Rural Development at University College Cork (by distance learning) from 2006 to ’08, and Start Writing Family History, a short Open University Course, in 2009.

I suppose I like learning about new things, enjoy researching and finding out about stuff, and I’m reasonably literate, which makes getting decent grades a bit easier. However, I do tend to leave things until the last minute, so I’m often panicking trying to finish an assignment in time for the deadline. I’m also quite methodical and a bit of a perfectionist, so maybe spend a little too much time making sure everything is just right.

To help with writing and inspiration, I would like to do ‘A’ level English Literature – I thought about starting in 2010, but there is loads of work (especially reading!!), so will maybe read some of the texts over the next year and think about starting in 2011.

I live in a fen-edge village in Cambridgeshire, and would love to live in Ireland one day – the countryside is gorgeous and the people are very friendly. I’d like to be able to restore derelict cottages as social housing, using traditional methods and sustainable technologies. I have fallen in love with a particular derelict (and now partially-collapsed) thatched cottage in County Tipperary, and would like this to be the first cottage I renovate.

Anyway, I’ll be here ranting, rambling and generally wittering on about stuff that interests me, things like the environment, ecology, archaeology, heritage, countryside, landscape, art, travel, reading, etc, etc. I hope it interests you, too.


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    pureportugal said,

    ola little sis

    you may be able to read, write and spell, but you haven’t learnt how to close brackets yet! 😉

    seriously, great blog, keep it up xxxx

    ps. have you seen our new project?

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