Inscribed Silver Pendant

Last night, I was looking for the old notebook I keep by the bed. When I looked under the bed, I found a lot of dust, and a pen, but no notebook. There was something much more exciting as well – the silver pendant, inscribed on both sides with ancient-style lettering, which Stu lost about two years ago.

Stu's silver pendant

Finding the pendant was quite a profound moment – I know it is very important to him and I have a feeling he may have made it himself, but we’d both assumed it was gone for good. When I’m looking for something (quite often, then!), I often uncover things I’ve been trying to find for ages. It’s great to find something unexpectedly, but I get very frustrated when I’ve lost something and can visualise it in many places, but cannot find it anywhere.

We had both looked under the bed for the pendant, but obviously not well enough as we didn’t find it (yet it was there, apparently). We thought it must have been left at a B&B, so I was amazed to discover it yesterday.


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