Staying with friends in Ireland

…to attend college. Oh, it’s so good to be here, I love Ireland – I feel really ‘at home’ here, the landscape is gorgeous and the people are very friendly.

I have been studying for a BSc in Rural Development with University College Cork (part-time, by distance learning) since September 2006. The third and fourth years of the course are full-time. I think attendance at college will be the same (one day every four to six weeks), but the work and assignments will be easier if I am here (for example, interviewing people involved in rural development in Ireland).

So, I’ve come to stay with friends who live near Cahir in County Tipperary. I feel much better here: the air is cleaner and life is more relaxed. I will be glad to get on with the coursework and be more involved with life in Ireland. My friend has set me up with a huge study space, looking out on an amazing view across the countryside, with an occasional train passing by to remind me the world is still out there – otherwise, it is so quiet and peaceful, I could easily forget.


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