Desparately Seeking Daisy

…or rather Daisy’s nearest living relative. I’ve spent a lot of time over the past few days using to research the family history of Daisy Maud Young (née Green), born in 1882. I have long been fascinated by the large (but mostly empty) leather-bound book (the ‘Daisy Book’) of photos, autographs, watercolour pictures and cartoons illustating aspects of Daisy’s life between Christmas 1907 and April 1909.

The people featured in the book include the Penn and Green families (Daisy’s parents were Ellen Penn, born 1853, and Joseph F Green, born c 1846), and the Longuevilles, among others. The Penns and Greens lived in London and Kent, and spent much time at Burlingham Hall and Taverham Hall, both in Norfolk. Daisy and her husband Walter Gerald Paul Young (known as ‘Paul’) married at ‘West Lodge’ on 28th July 1908, and spent their honeymoon at Loch Lomond, Scotland (probably staying at the Inversnaid Hotel).

Daisy and Paul at Taverham Hall in September 1908

Daisy and Paul at Taverham Hall, September, 1908

In November 1908, Daisy, Paul and other members of the Young family toured Pakistan and India, travelling to ‘Jullundur‘, then on to Lahore in December, Patiala in January 1909, back to Jullunder for February, March and April, and then on to Port Said. The book ends there, with some unfinished entries (a watercolour of a bird, and a cartoon of some ducklings). I am intrigued by what happened next; the next event in Daisy’s life that I know of is that she filed for divorce from Paul in 1922. I would like to find out if Daisy had any children.

Based on the information in the book, I have so far traced and recorded 87 people in Daisy’s family, most of whom are descendents of Daisy’s grandmother Ellen, born in 1825, who married John Penn, born in 1905. They include Daisy’s cousin Marjorie Penn, ameteur photographer, and Daisy’s uncle, William Penn, who was an ameteur cricketer (as were two of his sons).

Marjorie Penn, 1908

Marjorie Penn, 1908

I’ve also found links between Daisy’s family and other members’ family trees, and lots of information on the Internet in general. There is so much information out there, I am sure this will keep me occupied for some time to come! I would like to add some photos to the family tree I’ve created at, and I hope to trace Daisy’s nearest living relative, so that the Daisy Book can be returned to its rightful owner, if they are interested.


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